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95% of homes with central heating and/or air conditioning share a common problem. Some rooms get too hot when the heat comes on or too cold when the air conditioning comes on.

An average home in North America has 9-12 rooms with typically 2-4 rooms being over heated or over cooled.


Installing an Activent in each of these rooms helps eliminate this problem. The homeowner simply replaces an existing air register with an Activent unit complete with its own electronic louver system. This louver system is controlled by a temperature controller (RTC) that is mounted on the wall or simply placed in the room. The homeowner sets the desired temperature for the room and the RTC will open or close the louver system in the Activent unit to maintain the desired temperature.

Energy Savings

In addition to maintaining the desired temperature in Activent controlled rooms, the Activent redistributes the hot or cold air to other rooms. This allows the rest of the home to reach its set temperature in a more efficient manner, therefore helping reduce utility bills by up to 5% per Activent equipped room (I.E. two rooms up to 10%, etc.).

Number of Vents Per Home

We recommend installing an Activent unit only in rooms that are too warm during the heating cycle and/or too cold in the cooling cycle. However, we do not recommend installing Activent systems in more than 1/3 of the air registers.*

Number of Air
Registers in Home
Maximum Number of Activents
8 2
9-11 3
12-14 4
15-17  5
18-20 6
21-23 7

*Activent can be used in multi-zoned HVAC systems. In such installations you may install Activent in up to 1/3 of the air registers within each zone.

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