Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need the Activent?

An average home in North America has 9-12 rooms of which 2-4 rooms are typically being over heated or over cooled. Installing an Activent in these rooms helps eliminate this problem.

How does the Activent work?

The Activent is a battery powered wireless air register which regulates air flow into rooms. The homeowner sets the desired temperature in an Activent monitored room using the Remote Temperature Controller and the Activent louver system will maintain the desired temperature. It is designed for problem areas in a home that get too warm (or cold in A/C mode) when the heater is on.


How many Activents can I install in my home?

Activent is designed to be used in up to a third of a home's air registers. See User Manual for more details.

Where can I install the Activent?

The Activent may be install in any ceiling, wall or floor vent. Size is the only limitation.

Can I use Activents throughout my home?

All forced air heating and air conditioning systems need to push air through the vents. Restricting too much air is not good for the system. By replacing up to 1/3 of the air registers with an Activent the forced air systems are still able to push air and not back-up the system.

Is the Activent grill paintable?

Yes, the grill is made of ABS plastic and may be painted by a professional painter.

Will the Activent work under my wood floor vent cover?

Yes. The Activent will fit under a wood floor grate provided the opening is the proper size. Some modifications might need to be made in the floor or to the wood grate.

I keep my remote close to the Activent in order for it to work. Can this be helped?

Yes, you can increase the signal strength by placing the battery pack section of the Activent closer to the remote. Another words, turn the battery pack to be closer to the remote when the Activent unit is mounted.

With today’s electronics overwhelming our homes, there are some interference issues that can only be conquered by placing the remote closer to the Activent. Our product uses an RF signal.

Battery Related

What batteries should I use?

The Activent unit takes 4 AA batteries while the remote uses 4 AAA batteries. We strongly recommend using Lithium batteries in the remote (4 AAA) as the signal strength stays strong throughout the life of the batteries.

How long will the batteries last?

Alkaline batteries are recommended for the Activent. These should last for a year or more.

I changed my batteries and now the Activent does not work?

When replacing the Activent unit batteries sometimes a reset is needed. To reset take the battery pack out of the Activent and remove 1 battery from the remote. Put the remote in the manual closed position (black dot), re-install the battery pack in the Activent unit then put the battery back into the remote. The vent will close within a 5-10 seconds and be reset. If it is already closed it will still reset within 5-10 seconds and stay closed.

Vent Sizing

Are all of the Activents the same size?

Our Activents are all 4x10 in size but the mounting bracket and cover change per application. Note the photos. The 4x10 and 6x10 unit are interchangeable but the cover size is bigger for the 6x10. For the 4x12-14 Activent, the bracket is longer as is the cover. NOTE: if the 4x10 unit is out of stock a 6x10 will fit though the cover will be a bit larger.

Though the size of the vent opening is smaller (6x10 and 4x12-14 application) is smaller you will not have an issue with a lack of airflow.

What sizes are available?

The Activent is available in 4 popular sizes:

4" x 10"
4" x 12"
4" x 14"
6" x 10"


At what frequency does the Remote Temperature Control and the Activent Louver System communicate?

The Activent system is running at 315 MHz on an FM modulation transmission signal. The effective controllable distance is 12 meters.

Activent Manual

The Activent User Manual also provides detailed information on installation and operation of the Activent.