Installation (continued)

Step 4 – Placing the Activent Unit into the Air Inlet

First remove the grill cover from the Activent louver system. Next slide the battery case latch to the open position while pulling gently on the warning label. The battery case should come out easily.

Remove old grill and register from the air inlet.

Place the Activent unit into the air inlet and secure with provided screws. Once the Activent unit is secured place the Activent grill cover over the unit. The grill cover has four strong magnets which attach to the metal mounting plate of the Activent unit.

Step 5 – Installing the Remote Temperature Control (RTC)

Select a location (preferably across the room from the Activent unit) to mount the RTC. Mount the RTC at approximately shoulder height using the 2 screws provided with your RTC (a wall template is included at the end of this instruction sheet).

The RTC may also be placed on a dresser or night stand (remember to keep the RTC away from the air flow of the Activent so proper operation will occur).

Step 6 – Setting up the Remote Temperature Control (RTC)

Open the front cover of the RTC and insert 4 alkaline batteries making sure the batteries are oriented in the right direction. (fig. 6)

Remote Temperature Control Open(fig. 6)

IMPORTANT! Alkaline batteries are recommended to ensure optimal performance. Alkaline batteries should provide a run time of approximately one year.

Set the heating/cooling slider to the desired position. If the central HVAC is on heat set the RTC slider to the heating mode (red). If the central HVAC is on air conditioning set the RTC slider to the cooling mode (blue). This setting is important because the RTC is designed to respond to temperature increases during heating cycles and to temperature decreases during cooling cycles.

Auto Mode

When the Mode switch is in the “Auto” position, the opening and closing of the Activent louvers is controlled by the RTC.

Mode switch

Manual Mode

The Activent may be opened or closed manually.

To open the Activent louvers, slide the Mode switch to the “Open” position. The Activent louvers will now remain open.

To close the Activent louvers, slide the Mode switch to the “Close” position. The Activent louvers will now remain closed.


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