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The Activent has been highlighted on television and radio, and reviewed and discussed in newspapers and magazines. Below is just a sampling of the press coverage our product has received.

Sometimes you have downstairs that's super cold and an upstairs that is super hot. Now you can control that [temperature difference] with a remote control just by dropping [the Activent] into your existing vent.
January 24th, 2014
Home Heating Tips
The Activent was featured in the February 2011 issue of Holmes magazine. Check out Try It - Customize Your Temperature and see what "The Manual for Every Homeowner" has to say about The Activent temperature controlled vent/air register and saving energy!
The Activent is easy to install, and it's affordable (about $50 a vent). Like a fireplace, you can choose which rooms of your house to keep warm. If you know you're going to be in the bedroom, use your Activent to turn down the heat in the other rooms! This product can save you money on your utility bills.
Got Chills? Cheap, Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home and Save Money
Would Goldilocks wander your home searching for the room with a temperature that's just right? Even if you have a multi-zone HVAC system, some rooms may be too warm while others are too cool. Although the central thermostats tell each system when to turn on and off, rooms vary by size, ductwork and amount of sunlight. Achieving just the right temperature in one room may cause another to be over-heated or over-cooled.
Activent solves the problem by regulating the temperature in each room.
12 Quick Ways to Save Household Energy by Karen Queen
The Activent has been featured on Home Talk USA Radio as a featured energy saving product. Learn how The Activent creates wireless zoning by actively controlling the registers in your home. Listen now!
Costing just under at $75 each, Activent air vents provide an affordable way to keep the temperature at a comfortable level without spending a lot of money. Not only are the devices affordable, they can help you save money in the long run. While savings may vary based on a number of factors, including how many Activent air vents are installed, it may be possible to save as much as 40 percent on your heating and cooling bills. You can expect each Activent to pay for itself in the form of energy savings in about one year.
Save Energy Dollars with Activent Air Vents by mgwhite
Switching the RTC to the heater mode in winter or the AC mode in summer creates a comfortable environment while saving money. The Activent redistributes hot or cold air to other rooms allowing the home to reach its set temperature in a more efficient manner.
Activent – Wireless Temperature Control Vents Save Energy & Money
It's a new technology that provides an unprecedented measure of effortless temperature control for any home, office or business. The Activent is a wireless electronically controlled air register that opens or closes automatically to maintain a constant and optimal room temperature. The patented Activent replaces existing vent/register covers in any home or business, converting them into active components in a zoned heating and cooling system - eliminating the all-too-common problem of an over-heated or over-cooled room.
Increases Room-By-Room Heating/Cooling Efficiency, Reduces Energy Costs

Customer Feedback

My wife just had a new house built in North Carolina. I asked the HVAC installer how much it would cost to zone our enclosed porch. They wanted $2,050 to zone it separately from the rest of the house. I found your site and ordered 2 activents and for less than a couple hundred dollars the job was done in less that one hour. I have been in the construction field for over 58 years and have contacted several of my contractors about this product. What a great idea. Thanks again.

Carl J Kreigline
Former Manager, Lenton Construction

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Save Money Right Now!

For detailed information on how the Activent can save energy and save you money, see Show Me the Savings.

Save Energy by 30%
  • Reduce energy costs by 5% per Activent equipped room!
  • Reduce heating & cooling costs.
  • Eliminate overheated rooms.
  • Eliminate overcooled rooms.

Installing The Activent can reduce your annual energy costs from 5-30%.