Inova Products, Inc.

Company Information

Company Name Inova Products, Inc.
Address 11417 Overhill Drive
Auburn, CA 95602
Phone/Fax 408.379.4807
General Manager Roger Prince

About Inova Products, Inc.

The warehouse and operational facilities for Inova Products, Inc. are located just outside of Portland, Oregon.

Inova Products, Inc. is a privately held company which designs and manufactures new and innovative products. Our history reveals successes in both sports and HVAC industries.

Today Inova Products, Inc. is busy producing energy saving, comfort enhancing products…OK, we can help you with your golf swing too. While others look at what they might do to save we are producing products which are saving energy. Soon we will expand our sizes for The Activent — creating more opportunities to save energy and create comfort in your home.

Thanks for visiting us on the web and we hope you decide to benefit from and enjoy The Activent.

Roger Prince
General Manager

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