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The Activent Paid for Itself in 8 Months!

Before you view the data...

Before you view the data please consider the following: Our test house was first measured to determine the 4 warmest rooms. Then in these four rooms, we replaced the vents with Activents. When the room temperature was established the Activents closed, thus redirecting the warm air to other portions of the house. The house heated faster and the furnace turned off sooner. This resulted in energy savings and added comfort.

Show me the data!

Number of Activents installed 4
Customer Cost per vent $60.00
Total Customer Cost  $240.00
Average Heating Period w/o Activents (min.) 13
Average Heating Period with calActivents (min.) 9
Number of heating periods per day w/o Activents 12
Number of heating periods per day w Activents 12
Cost per day w/o Activents $12.00
Cost per day w Activents $8.31
Savings per Heating day $3.69 (30.78%)
Number of heating days per year 100
Cost per year w/o Activents $1,200.00
Cost per year w Activents $831.00
Savings per year $369.00
Payback period (years) .65 (~8 mo)

How big is the test house?

Residential Volume Calculation
Room Description Area (ft2) Volume (ft3) Percentage
of Home
Dining Room 140 1190 8.05%
Kitchen 140 1190 8.05%
Living Room 240 2040 13.79%
Family Room 200 1700 11.49%
Bedroom 1 120 1020 6.90%
Bedroom 2 120 1020 6.90%
Bedroom 3 140 1190 8.05%
Bedroom 4 280 2380 16.09%
Hallways 140 1190 8.05%
Hall Bathroom 100 850 5.75%
Master Bath 120 1020 6.90%
Total 1740 14790 100.00%

Where is the test house?

Campbell, CA (a suburb of San Jose)

When did the test take place?

Winter Season, outside temperature 40-42 degrees.

Heating w/o Activent
Heating Start Time Heating Stop Time Heating Period
Dwell Between
Heating Cycles
6:01 AM 6:21 AM 0:20  
6:36 AM 6:46 AM 0:10  
7:02 AM 7:11 AM 0:09  
7:30 AM 7:40 AM 0:10  
8:01 AM 8:17 AM 0:16  
0:13 0:17
Heating with Activent
Heating Start Time Heating Stop Time Heating Period
Dwell Between
Heating Cycles
9:17 AM 9:25 AM 0:08  
9:46 AM 9:53 AM 0:07  
10:20 AM 10:24 AM 0:04  
Average 0:06 0:24
Forced Air Heater Data
Manufacturer Carrier
Product/Model 58RAV095
Max Amps 10.2
Max Outlet Pressure (inches W.C.) 0.5
Max Outlet Air Temperature (degrees F) 180
Carrier Data, Energy Consumption, Average
Location Bay Area
Heating cost $1,064
Cooling Cost $258
Based upon 50,000 btu heating requirment.
Average fuel rate/therm $1.090
Nominal 3 ton Air conditioner
Electric Rate assumed $/kw-hr $0.110


Installing The Activent will not only save you money — it will add to the comfort of your home.

...we were surprised at the quality and integrity of an item that is intended for everyday residential and commercial applications. After installing it, we were even more pleasantly surprised at how well it maintained the set temperature in a room.

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What will I save?

Save MoneyIn the test presented here, after installing just four Activents, the energy savings was $369 per year. If you use the Activent during heating and cooling season, you can expect to save as much as 30% on your heating and cooling costs!

Expect The Activent to pay for itself
in less than a year!

Activent Energy Savings Simulation
Activents in Action

Watch a demonstration of how The Activent can control the heating of your home.