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The Activent - Wireless Zoned Heating and Cooling Vent System
<a href="">The Activent - Wireless Zoned Heating and Cooling Vent System</a>

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Title: The Activent Wireless Zoned Heating and Cooling Vent System

Description: Create inexpensive zoned heating and cooling by replacing your registers with The Activent temperature regulating vents. Automatically controlling the airflow, The Activent keeps rooms from becoming overheated or overcooled. Simply set the temperature and The Activent opens and closes to maintain the temperature. The Activent redistributes hot or cold air to other rooms allowing the home to reach its set temperature in a more efficient manner - reducing utility bills by up to 5% per equipped room.


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The Activent At A Glance

  • Wireless Zoning
  • 5 Minute Installation
  • Improves Comfort
  • Saves Energy