The Activent in Action

The following animation shows the heating of a home without Activents and with four Activents installed.

With Activents installed you:

  • Save money and energy - the total time the furnace is in operation is reduced from 16 minutes to 12 minutes.
  • Have increased comfort - the temperature in each room ranges from ideal to warm rather than ideal all the way to roasting.

Without the Activents installed, your furnace continues to heat rooms that have already achieved a comfortable temperature. In order to heat the main living area, the furnace continues to pour heat into warm rooms.

With the Activents installed, the vents are automatically closed when the rooms achieve the desired temperature. With the vent closed, the additional heat is sent to the remaining cool areas of your home.

Vent and controller.
  • The Activent helps reduce energy costs by 5% per Activent equipped room!
  • The Activent increases comfort by reducing and eliminating excess heat or cooling in individual rooms.