Testimonials and Activent Reviews

I love my new Activent!

Thank you so much for your extraordinary and kind service. It's greatly appreciated!

Donna S.

We've been looking for a way to better manage the heating/cooling in our two-story house. The airflow is mixed, with the thermostat downstairs. As a result the upstairs is too hot in the winter, and too cold in the summer. The activents very effectively help us maintain very comfortable and consistent temperatures in the upstairs bedrooms, without requiring a costly or time-consuming installation.

Austin D.
San Ramon, CA

This product does exactly what it says it does. In fact, when I ran into a small installation issue the General Manager of Inova Products called me to help talk though the problem. What excellent customer service!

Rob N.
Columbus, Ohio

5 Stars - Smarthome Review - This solved a real problem where one room in a zone was overheating. The thermostat closes off the vent with no leaking of air or whistling which can occur if you just try to close the vent.

Glendale, CA

As we had an elderly parent at home with special needs, the temperature especially in Mom's room, had to be warmer than the rest of the house and regulated. We hired a contractor and spent several hundred dollars to have a special vent with a large bulky motor dropped into the floor. Then a big hole had to be cut into the bedroom wall and a special regulator placed there. The work was completed. The floor register with the big motor still creeks on and off to this day. It's just the way this big clunky thing is.

Then we found "Activent". "Why not, let's try it" we said, there are other rooms that need regulating and we have a guest in one now... So arrived this sleek looking thing, not that big ugly thing we originally got. This is nice! It fit right in the vent housing without a hassle. Then the little regulator was a snap for my husband to install. Instructions were easy! Didn't have to hire anyone. Oh! and one more thing, it's quiet! Our guest doesn't hear it at all! It's great! We love our Activent! Thank you for a great product!

Leah Ann L
Edgewood, New Mexico

5 Stars - Smarthome Review - Easy installation. Installed in a cabin loft to help reduce the temps upstairs. Works great.

Pheonix, AZ

Thanks for the Activent! I am a mechanical design engineer consultant and I work from my home office. Last year one of my clients asked me to design an electronically controlled HVAC vent. My customer was designing products for home automation and data communication. I had spent several weeks on the design and made a working prototype. Doing an Internet search I found INOVA Products and the Activent and that is when I requested a sample. When I showed the Activent to the CEO of the company he said we have our product and that I did not need to continue my design.

I have been using it in my office and I am very pleased with the results and here’s why. It is not just my office. My wife runs her business from the desk next to mine and my son’s computer is also in the same room. With two laptop computers, two desk top computers, a printer and fax machine and an array of modems and routers, the heat generated in this small office is anywhere from 6-10 higher than the rest of the house. The office is also a short distance from the furnace so it gets “priority treatment” on the delivery of heat. I have the Remote Temperature Controller in my office set at 65°F while the rest of the house is at 70°F. The RTC and the Activent have been an important “low-powered” addition to my home office electronics.

Hugo Haselhuhn
Paso Robles, CA

As a nationwide supplier of custom fabricated water treatment systems for industry, we deal with some of the highest grade components available for our systems. When we opened the Activent box, we were surprised at the quality and integrity of an item that is intended for everyday residential and commercial applications. After installing it, we were even more pleasantly surprised at how well it maintained the set temperature in a room.

It continues to work great!

Bob H.
Denver, CO

My wife just had a new house built in North Carolina. I asked the HVAC installer how much it would cost to zone our enclosed porch. They wanted $2,050 to zone it separately from the rest of the house. I found your site and ordered 2 activents and for less than a couple hundred dollars the job was done in less that one hour. I have been in the construction field for over 58 years and have contacted several of my contractors about this product. What a great idea. Thanks again.

Carl J Kreigline
Former Manager, Lenton Construction

What Contractors Say About the Activent…

The Activent is easy to install.

It makes my $10,000 test equipment obsolete.

It solved a problem I was not able to fix.

The Activent can solve a lot of home owner heating and air conditioning issues.

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